Re: My brand new AP1100 - play in both RA and DEC axis

Roland Christen

You did not get this mount directly from us at Astro-Physics. We shipped this mount in February, and we never ship things loosely in the box, so whoever shipped it to you did not pack it correctly.

The play that you see on the worm wheel is not normal. It appears that the worm is not fully engaged with the worm wheel. If you open the side cover you will see a lever. It is almost certain that the previous person loosened the two screws on the backstop adjustment, which allows the worm to come out of mesh. Please read the instructions in the manual for adjusting the backstop on our spring loaded gearbox.

If you need more help, please consult with Howard at AP.

Roland Christen
Astro-Physics Inc.

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Subject: [ap-gto] My brand new AP1100 - play in both RA and DEC axis

Today I got the chance to take my  AP1100 mount out of the wrappings and set it up on the pier.
  1. The altitude bar was completely loose inside the RA-axis box and managed to produce some deep scars on the coating of the side walls of the polar fork. I would suggest to put it in a bubble wrap before dropping it in there.
  1. Both the RA and the DEC axis have some (a lot of) play between the worm and the worm wheel.  An iPhone movie showing a close up of the worm wheel on the DEC axis:
I do not think this is as expected. How do I get rid of it?
Kind regards,

Roland Christen

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