John Upton


   Thanks for the quick answer regarding orthogonality not affecting the polar alignment method.

On Mon, Sep 13, 2021 at 04:00 PM, Roland Christen wrote:
This question is quite easy: The parks are governed by the time you have set in the keypad (or your laptop). If you are off by 1 hour, the parks will be off by 15 degrees in RA. For every second that you are off, your park positions will be off by 15 arc seconds.
   This was a bit of a surprise to me but after thinking about it, I think I understand. It would have to work this way for non-encoder mounts to work correctly and there is no reason to rewrite the underlying code for encoder mounts. I had been in an encoder mindset and assumed incorrectly that the mount Parked based on encoder positions. I see the error in my thought process.

   To bump my question in the second post, do you or Ray have any clarifications regarding the interactions / interoperability of the Ortho Model performed by the KeyPad versus the pointing model created by APCC? The questions I want to understand are:

  1. I assume the APCC model takes precedence when a KeyPad Ortho Model has been built. Is that correct?
  2. Does the APCC model erase the results of the KeyPad Ortho Model or simply override it?
  3. If the APCC point corrections are turned off, does the most recent KeyPad Ortho Model once again take effect or does a new one need to be built?
   For some observing and simple single object imaging sessions, I think I would like to just have the orthogonality error corrected without creating / running a pointing model. Ideally, in that situation, I would prefer not to have to rerun the KeyPad Ortho Model at the beginning of each session when I don't want to run APPM.


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