Does your Mach2 setup look like this?

Roland Christen

In order to see the effects of really overloading the mount, I put about 80 lb of equipment on it and moved the counterweights way down on an extended shaft, as you can see in the image. Yes indeed I got some ringing at the end of a long slew, especially when the scope was pointing up towards the zenith. With a little change in the parameters i got it to be perfectly stable, and it tracks like a champ. I don't recommend putting this much on the mount, and it would be better to have the counterweights higher up the shaft of course.

However, if you have anything resembling this setup, or are using a smaller diameter counterweight shaft with heavy counterweights, and have ringing at the end of a slew, then drop me a line at chris1011@... and I can help. Please include a quick snapshot of your setup, if possible, and the amount of weight the mount is carrying if you know that.


Roland Christen

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