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You have some good suggestions.


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I’m going to chime in on this one…

I know it’s just a joke and honestly I chuckled, but…

It’s a proven fact that there are different methods by which people learn the best. Undiagnosed learning disorders are very common. We probably know this; so what?

Videos. Especially the basics and common issues. Does NOT have to be cinematic quality. A GoPro and a mic. Covers visual and auditory learners. Quick verbal references to page numbers in the manual covers the readers in the group.

I see how much time is being spent on trouble shooting and I wonder if some of that might be addressed by simply being able to watch a video. It’s one thing to read it, it’s a whole different universe to watch it. Also, it’s much easier to verbally mention extra information and corollaries rather than type out all that text.

Just some food for thought for the group; something I’ve been wanting to suggest and this seemed like a decent opportunity. I’m sure there’s an AV student somewhere who would love the experience.



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Even with all of that technology, there would still be many people who wouldn't open the manual to figure out how to unpack it (such as my brother).  

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