Re: APCC model files: which files to ask for help

Andrea Lucchetti

Hi Ray,
Please try this link:

I am not saying APPC and skyx are not compatible, only that I had troubles.
Now that I am back to a nomad set up that I use every two months , everything is much more difficult to debug..

I know I had an issue last year with skyx buttons messing up things ( the slew commands lasted for ever) but adapted to this avoiding the move commands in skyx and learning to use the move commands in APPM. that behavior was described in this forum and acknowledge one year ago but I don't remember if the problem was in Skyx or APPC.
I've just followed the advice and learned a new behavior , use the buttons in APPC 

What I have seen last night is more impacting because prevent me to work.
I did a mess last night, but When I switched to NINA and excluded skyx everything worked again.

If you want to have a look these are the stars in a 30seconds frame:

I don't remember if this was just after connection to skyx or after a closed loop slew

For APPC, I can only say that worked nicely at the first attempt, plate solves went fine except for a cloud.
Thank you again,

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