Re: APCC model files: which files to ask for help

Ray Gralak


The logs did not make it. You'll need to create a public download link to the zip file via Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, etc.

And APCC is compatible with SkyX. Lots of people use APCC with SkyX. If you are using APPM with SkyX for plate solving make sure to follow all of the steps in the help file in APPM's plate-solving section.


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Hi Ray, thank you
I am attaching the zip but I see a number of files.
I see it is a big file, please let me know how to send it if attachment doesn't work.

Yesterday I had a " panic moment" and started doing many things.
I couldn't use Skyx and I had to find an alternative for the night.
I run the model initially just to do some trial and not loose the night
It was one of the thing that worked last night , so I am happy.
in this case It would be helpful just to have an helping hand to interpret the model results.
I run the model after the Skyx x issue and just before starting with NINA.
There are no tpoint models in skyx.
Unfortunately I got used to skyx and its Camera add on, so I was really lost at the beginning of the night.

I think the answer to my others post could be in the logs for the night but I think it would be difficult to decode
what I did in the first two panic hours:-)
In any case , Thank you very much in advance

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