Re: Guiding a Mach 2 in PHD2 ( and NINA)

Andrea Lucchetti

Thanks Linwood,
very helpful.

Yesterday I was in hurry and very lucky to understand the basics for saving the night, the calibration happened almost by chance as I couldn't find a calibrate button :-)
will try the assistant.
I was lucky with some setting, flip worked nicely and I used the same setting you have for "reverse DEC after meridian".
If I got it, I can run the calibration before the sequence in PHD and NINA will recognize it and use it, or clear calibration before the sequence and NINA will take care of this in the sequence but at the target DEC.

I would be grateful if you can point me to the advanced sequencer that I couldn't find.

The direct guide setting I am referring to is in NINA Options- equipment- guider setting section. I think it is related with dithering only but I don't understand it.

Thank you

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