Smart Meridian Flip with NINA #APCC

Joseph Beyer

Was imaging last night with my Mach1/CP4/APCC Pro mount and when it came time for a meridian flip, the flip didn't occur at the time indicated in the NINA sequencer and several minutes later the mount stopped tracking - which was the correct action as indicated in the Meridian Tracking Limits Operation box).  I parked and unparked the mount and immediately NINA flipped the mount and I was off and running again.  I've got everything setup in NINA as per Dale's instructions so I suspect I haven't selected the correct parameter(s) in the Meridian tab in APCC Pro.  I thought I'd start addressing potential conflicts in APCC then check in with the NINA development team once I knew the APCC parameters were correct.

I watched Dale's video this morning and the differences in parameters in his APCC and mine are the following:

1) In the "Operation" box I have Counterweight UP Slews within: East limits and West limits boxes checked.  Maybe this is the problem?

2) In the "Meridian Delay" box, Dale's video shows the Override ASCOM box checked whereas mine is not.

Everything else operated very smoothly all night.



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