Re: tracking with APCC 1.9 doesn't work with skyx

Ray Gralak

Hi Andrea,

First, tracking quality is independent of whatever planetarium program you are using. However, you don't say that you are doing this, but since you are using SkyX this applies: you should not simultaneously use TPoint with APCC Pro's modeling.

In your last post you wrote this:
I've run a small model (20 points in two dec arcs.
Were you still using that small model?

Dec Arc tracking is only active between the two arcs, and they should not be very widely separated (a few degrees). Outside of the arcs, tracking reverts to the all-sky model, which may not be very accurate with only 20 points captured in a specific area of the sky (your two rows of points).

If you have a permanent setup, the best way to use Dec Arc tracking throughout the sky is to create a dense model in a wide range of declinations, which might end up being 200+ points per pier side.


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second post this morning thanks to the good night.
I have APCC PRO and Mach2.

When slewing or closed looping in skyx the tracking rate increase to a point that a 2 second frame is trailed.
I have only one image that show the behaviour in which seems that the trail is actually a set of pulses.

I don't know if useful but in the Rate settings panel setting king rate and pushing "set now" doesn't change
There is a combination of clicks in "reset tracking rate and "set all" that make the tricks for king rate.
In addition to that the status bar at the bottom always say "sideral" so it is very difficult to understand for me
if it worked or not and with which sequence of tabs.
I have few chances to use the telescope so for me it is difficult to provide additional data in the short term.

I can say that Focus Max connected didn't work alone or from CCDAP. Both leverage a skyx camera add on
but never succeeded because stalled in the subframing (probably because the star moves quicly out of the
frame. I will ask some suggestios in a separate post
Thank you

I also tried NINA and had no trouble at all, except that I don't know PHD and guiding was bad.

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