Guiding a Mach 2 in PHD2 ( and NINA)

Andrea Lucchetti

I had to quickly move to NINA because my skyx doesn't cooperate well with APCC Pro after 1.9.

I almost used the standard setting in PHD2 and saved the night but guiding was bad.
I noticed the corrections were 4 times the magnitude of the reported errors.
in skyx I have values suggest by Roland in the past and they worked well:
-minimum move:0,03 sec
-maximum move:0.2 sec
-delay after correction:0.1 sec
-simultaneous corrections: off

I'll be very grateful if you can share PHD2 settings for AP mounts and Mach2 in particular (algorithm, settings, etc).
Also, For NINA Users:
-(Dale, if you see the message), in NINA there is a parameter called "direct guide duration" that was preset at 2 and I don't know if it must be changed and how.
-the calibration in PHD must be done before the sequnce start or NINA wait for PHD calibrating, so Idon't do anything in PHD?

Thank you very much,

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