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Roland Christen

Bad connection between CP4 and the two motors. If the mount tracks in RA but then won't slew, it's probably the Dec connection. You can push the E-W buttons at any centering or slew speed, without touching the N-S, and see if the RA works. Don't even bother to put the scope in any park position, just initialize with the keypad and see if the red light stays red when you move the RA.

Then try Dec, and I bet the light will go amber. Most likely you have a bad Dec connection. Could be inside the cable (broken wire on one of the pins) or could be inside the motor box. Check the connections and you might be able to fix it.


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Subject: [ap-gto] Mach 1 Motor Stall

I'm at a Star Party and do not have the CP4 manual with me.  I've been using a Kendrick Power Pack with a special power plug to connect the CP4.

Tried a different 34 Ah battery I used to use back when I had the CP3 but cannot be sure of its health  

Could be both batteries.  I had a red light that went Amber and stayed Amber when I got the motor stall.  

Picked a location,  New Setup, Resume from Park 3, 2 Setup Park 1 to load the scope.  Nothing happened.  Hit Park 3 again and it moved a hair and Motor Stall.

Shut it down.  Good thing I've got binoculars tonight. 

What are the causes of this I can try to troubleshoot later?


John A. Sillasen

Roland Christen

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