Mach 1 Motor Stall

John A. Sillasen

I'm at a Star Party and do not have the CP4 manual with me.  I've been using a Kendrick Power Pack with a special power plug to connect the CP4.

Tried a different 34 Ah battery I used to use back when I had the CP3 but cannot be sure of its health  

Could be both batteries.  I had a red light that went Amber and stayed Amber when I got the motor stall.  

Picked a location,  New Setup, Resume from Park 3, 2 Setup Park 1 to load the scope.  Nothing happened.  Hit Park 3 again and it moved a hair and Motor Stall.

Shut it down.  Good thing I've got binoculars tonight. 

What are the causes of this I can try to troubleshoot later?


John A. Sillasen

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