Re: AP1100 carrying to dark site - SUV mount?


For extra protection, we pack our mounts to ship with the motor box unsupported so that if the box receives a blow or is dropped, the force is not transferred to the motor box. In other words, we support the remainder of our mount with the foam blocks, but the blocks do not touch the motor boxes. The motor boxes are open to the air.


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Perfect, Roland, thank you.


And I’ve got the clutches lightly finger tight.  I get no slippage in use (at least none evident in the model or in tracking), but the one time I had it run away and had a pier crash (long story testing move-axis) it just slipped nicely and did no harm to the gear that got caught between the saddle and pier.   It’s a nice feature.



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You can transport our mounts with the gears engaged. Some mounts have very small thin gear teeth that can be damaged if the axis receives a blow. They also don't have real clutches, so being rigidly fixed, there is nothing that gives when the axis receives a blow. So those mounts need to have gears disengaged during transport.

In our case, all our mounts have real clutches and the gear teeth are robust. If you want, you can slightly loosen the clutches when transporting the mount. just snug them enough so the axes don't flop around when you pick them up.




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Jimwc wrote:


  • Original packing is the best. AP packed it the way they did for a reason.

My failing memory is showing here but… when AP packs them, are the gears disengaged, or left engaged?


I have no memory of needing to engage them, I think they shipped it engaged, but am not sure.


I do have the original packing, but wanted to save it from wear and tear in case I ever need to return it.


Seriously – to all those showing me case solutions – I get it, seen most of them posted elsewhere.  I’m not against it and may end up with one of those.  I was just looking for evaluation of this possibility.


Donald Rudny wrote;


  • On your idea to bolt it to the floor, I would be concerned about the connection to the floor of your SUV.  


That looks pretty manageable.  I have a compartment under the floor, so there’s a removable panel.  I had a bike mount there before so am familiar with it.  There’s plenty of room to put a backing board to distribute the load as well.  I’m really not worried about that aspect (well, again, absent an accident, but all bets are off for any packaging in an accident).


It’s vibration that concerns me, since in that position you cannot disengage the gears, at least without it flopping around.


J. Belden wrote:


  • I just put my mount on my front seat and buckled it in, seriously I did.  Also, did the same for C14, no issues.  Though, now I have an AP1600 so thats a bit too heavy for either seat.  So I have been using the factory boxes in my truck bed but only went to one star party this year.


I’ve thought of that also.  With my CEM70 on the Berlebach, I actually just had a big pile of moving blankets, lots of padding, and disconnected the gears and locked the RA axis (with a pin) and laid the tripod + mount down on the pads.   It worked great.  The AP1100 is too heavy for that (plus some other structural reasons).   But I’m looking for something similarly easy, and just have no (other) use for a case.  It’s just something else big and awkward I need to find room to store.  When not in use, the mount lives on the tripod, it won’t be put in a case.


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