Re: Park Position based interlock for small roll off observatory

Jerome A Yesavage


I have a 6'x6'x6.5' PierTech.  I have it on my roof using a complex system to get pier stability.  This is the "industrial strength" solution used by big observatories... yet Bob Denny advised me never use ACP or APCC to close the roof if there is any chance of a crash.  Originally I always had the scope lower than the traverse of the roof as a fail safe solution... but this cuts down the ability to see low objects.  Finally I permanently moved the pier to a high position and use the Park 5 solution.  I open and close manually and have a web cam to watch the proceedings.

IMHO do not trust any software no matter how "good and expensive"... trust your eyes....

Now, regarding the "Wife Acceptance Factor" may I suggest a gander at what I did to camo the system and my wife is just ecstatic at the results:

Best wishes and do not hesitate to be in contact if you have any questions...

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