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Roland Christen

That looks fine.
As far as power supply, it might be advisable to add a power meter between the battery and mount.
This will tell you everything you need to know about the health of your power supply.


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It was by keypad. The power system/motorized dolly was designed, I believe, by JMI. The cable from the battery to the mount is under 2 feet long. There is a single connection in the middle of that path as shown below.

This is a picture of the mount and the cable:

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Hard to tell what's going on since you don't say how you initialized the mount and slewed to these positions (keypad? Laptop with ASCOM driver? Planetarium program? APCC?). Incomplete info means we have to guess.

Best to contact either George or Howard at AP on Monday and have them help you step by step. They may find that you have some wrong setting somewhere (time wrong, location wrong, or some such thing).

Generally low battery voltage and overly long 12 volt power cord can result in the mount stopping or stalling but will not cause the mount to park in the wrong spot.


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I recently purchased a used AP 1100 GTO with Encoders
I've read the manuals and carefully set the time each session. The system is powered by a 50Ah deep cycle glass mat battery which the prior owner was using without any reported issues. The battery does look like it has some age on it but looks fine when tested with a battery tester. I have been having random issues with the mount slewing correctly. I understand this is a common issue with new users. I went back and re-read the manuals and I believe I was doing everything correctly in my most recent session. 

In my latest session here is a brief synopsis of what happened. 

Plugged in system to the battery which had been full charged a few days earlier and not used since.
Selected location
Set time carefully
Selected new setup from park location
selected park 1
physically moved and leveled scope and weight bar (was correctly balanced and all 6 clutches were about 1 turn loose from hand tight
tightened clutches on correct axis as instructed
slewed to park 2.....Mount slewed to completely wrong position
re-slewed to park 1 and re-leveled both axi
tried again to slew to park 2.....same issue
Slewed back to park 1---releveled
slewed to park 4...approximately correct position achieved
adjusted level via altitude adjuster as outlined in manual
slewed back to park 1....was roughly correct
tried slewing to Vega to see what would happen (polaris cloud covered)
approximately correct location achieved...used direction keys to fine tune Vega to center of reticle eyepiece in main scope; noticed that Vega was visibly moving (slowly) in the reticle
correctly re-aligned vega and re-synched (1 and only time)
tried slewing to Polaris to see if I could see it through the clouds...approximately correct location achieved

the remainder of the session is a bit murky in my memory but here is an approximation:
I tried to re-slew to the park positions to see what would happen (a test of both me and the mount). The scope kept ending up in random, incorrect locations
At some point I received a "motor stall" error message
I believe I was able to slew (incorrectly) to another park location once but after that, it would act like it was going to start slewing and then return right back to its same existing position

Without going on about it, that is what I am also experiencing today
I'm starting to think it may be the battery as the prior owner mentioned that the mount can be sensitive to low power
I'm working on getting a new battery now but wont have it until the end of the week at the earliest

Is there any other probable cause?

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Roland Christen

CN: HasAnyoneSeenMyNeblua

Roland Christen

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