Re: AP1100 carrying to dark site - SUV mount?


Fwiw…. For the 1100 I use a lowes “commander” tub and cover with a piece of foam inside (not cut - just some spare memory foam I had).   I also put it on a furniture moving dolly (four casters) at home for moving it from the driveway to the garage for storage and elsewhere.  I can put an OTA box on top and move two things at once!

I put the 1100 in the tub “assembled” but without the Dec plate and saddle.   This simplifies storage and setup.  

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I used those semi-transparent and extremely lightweight container store box to ensure the smaller items don't get thrown around in case I need to swerve at high speeds. The mount itself mostly stayed on the blanket & yoga mats on my SUV.

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  • Storage facilities often rent space in their secured lot to store a trailer. Sometimes getting 24hr access costs a little extra, I think that is a point of negotiation. I think it just depends on what matters to you most. Used trailers aren’t really that expensive. I agree that storage is the main issue. My mount/tripod is on a dolly with pneumatic wheels. Just something to consider. What is your time and the reduction of stress worth?


Sorry, lived on a small farm for decades, and used more types of trailers than I can even remember, as well as later kayak and jet skies and boats.


I am just not going to put a delicate piece of equipment on one.  Don’t care if I had one and could store it, it’s just not going to happen.


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