Documentation and instructions for handset park positions 1 - 4 for a Mach 1 GTO build date of 2014 #Keypad



I have a Mach 1 GTO with a build date of 2014 however the manual is from 2008. I am looking for the documented instructions on how to set the park positions 1 through 4. The manual I have does not match what the handset displays through the steps.  For example, I can easily enough set the mount to Park 1 position with Cw's facing east and OTA faced west, but there is another step in the older manual where you reference that to park position 4. Anyway following the manual I have, there does not seem to be a way to do that, or any of the other park settings.  Not sure how important or not important these steps are since Park 1 seems valid enough.


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