Re: AP1100 carrying to dark site - SUV mount?

Thomas Giannaccini wrote:


  • I’m assuming transporting the entire mount/pier setup fully assembled on a dolly strapped into an enclosed trailer is not an option?


While it has a certain simplicity appeal (heck I wouldn’t even have to remove it at the dark site), buying a trailer, finding a place to store a trailer (I live in an HOA community where they are not allowed) is not really in the cards.


I also would think that just the height of the tripod would cause any back and forth motion to be terribly exaggerated unless there was some serious dampening.  Most utility trailers are hardly a smooth ride.


The real solution is a pellet gun to take out the nearby street lights, and keep observing from my back yard.  But I’m told that remotely imaging from jail might not be permitted.  😊


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