Re: AP1100 carrying to dark site - SUV mount?

Donald Rudny

I use the attached Husky container from Home Depot to carry my 1100.  I don’t need to separate the halves and I just use the foam pieces that it was shipped with to cushion it.  CW shaft removed.  I carry it in the bed of my F150 and push it to the bulkhead.  I have a backflip tonneau cover that protects it and all my other equipment from rain.  It has wheels and a handle, if you need to move it, it is portable.  The handle is retractable.  I wouldn’t use this to ship anywhere, but it works great for local trips with your vehicle.  It’s nice for home storage, too.  

On your idea to bolt it to the floor, I would be concerned about the connection to the floor of your SUV.  You could get some high loading during braking.  Got to figured 1g with a heavy mount and fairly high CG.  The accident thing is another big concern.


Don Rudny
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On Sep 11, 2021, at 6:18 AM, ap@... wrote:

I have been looking at various cases people have built, planning what to do, but I had a thought and curious if it's a sane one.

I am not hauling this through airports or checking baggage.  It will ride in my SUV, then go from the back about 10' to a tripod when I get to a dark site, then back.  It's a 90 minute drive and no off-roading (i.e. reasonably smooth ride).  There's no need to protect the mount from anything but the ride itself.

What if I bought a pier adapter, one of the flat ones, and just screwed it to the floor in the back of the SUV.  Then to move the mount it comes off the tripod, and onto this SUV mount.  Pop in 3 or so screws.   No OTA or counterweights of course.  

No case, no foam it just sits there. It seems easier than getting one or two very large cases and custom cutting foam.

Is normal driving acceleration, e.g. curves, bumps, etc. any risk to it?   Or do I need a setup where the gears can be disengaged?

Inspired a bit by similar bike racks, where you just clip the bike's front forks to a bracket on the floor of a car and it stands up for the ride.  

Sane?  Risky? 

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