Re: [ap-ug] 4 = Resume Ref-park (Mach 1 GTO 2014 model)

Roland Christen

I think you will want to post your message on the AP GTO group. That is where all the mount experts hang out and have the expertise to help you. I am also on there and can help you get started with your mount. I have seen almost all your posts on Cloudy nights, so i sort of know where you are in your imaging background.
AP mount group is at:

Roland Christen
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Subject: [ap-ug] 4 = Resume Ref-park (Mach 1 GTO 2014 model)

Hello I have purchased this mount from someone with an Eagle mount anyways trying to get the mount to remember the park position. After I entered in my time and decimal minute second locations it is easy enough to park position 1 counterweights facing east OTA west and the mount is reliable to slew to an object from there. I just have not found anywhere in the hand menu where it says  4 = resume ref-park 1. (as on page 16 of the manual. )  and I did like the manual told me  to make sure that auto-connect mount is off. Anyways I can get to the object from the Park 1 position it does that but I am still missing steps I am sure. 
 any changes to the manual or handset that could be causing me confusion? Thank you!

Roland Christen

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