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Roland Christen

You have one of the best scopes for imaging also. Nice setup overall for wide field high  res imaging.


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My point was, if you have poor tracking, the underlying image is not sharp, but soft. So you can remove the stars and replace them with sharp stars, but that doesn't make the underlying image sharp. It just gives the appearance that it's sharp, when in fact the actual object that you wish to image is not.
I can't say enough good things about the mounts that the good people at Astro-Physics make.  My 1 year old Mach2 has been spectacular.  Being able to eliminate guiding has really increased my enjoyment of the hobby.  I set up the mount for every use and run a small APPM data collection bracketing the declination of my object for the night.  I can take 110 to 120 subexposures during the night and every one is useable.  No oblong stars or trailing stars. Simply wonderful performance of the mount and software.

My images aren't award winners but I have been amazed at how nice the stars look with 5 1/2 hours of unguided 3 minute images with a mount flip in the middle.

Dean Jacobsen
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