Re: Interesting way to image with a cheap mount

Bill Long

Yeah that's definitely a thing. I'm of course opposed to such things, but I also am the type that will spend hours working to squeeze every tiny bit of performance from optics and gets OCD about stars in images. To me it's all a part of the learning journey in the hobby. But for some the shortcuts are very compelling.

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Subject: [ap-gto] Interesting way to image with a cheap mount
I recently saw an image taken with a cheap mount that shows nice tight round stars, even though the mount might have a fair amount of tracking error that bloats the stars and makes them oval during long exposures. How is that possible, you ask?

The idea is to take the images, stack them and remove the stars with software now available. Then take a series of very short RGB exposures, stack them, extract the stars and paste them on the previous long exposures. Presto - you have a premium image with nice tight round stars. And people will point to your image and proclaim that you don't need fancy equipment to get perfect results. Of course the background image is not sharp, but who looks at that when the stars are tiny and round! Nice trick, no?


Roland Christen

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