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Roland Christen

The 10" is an astrograph with 1600mm focal length. No telecompressor is used.

Astrographs, unlike refractors, have one function only - imaging. They are not versatile like refractors, which can be used with Barlows, telecompressors, bino-viewers, etc. This 10" was optimized for imaging in that the optics are quartz, the tube is carbon fiber. This combination eliminates almost all temperature focus issues.

The corrector + mirror + secondary radii are designed so that all wavelengths from 400nm to 700nm have less than 1/10 wave spherical error, something almost impossible in normal telescope designs except for pure mirror scopes. This allows any wavelength to be as sharp as any other and prevents bloating of stars at deep blue-violet wavelengths. It then produces the sharpest possible Luminance images where all the wavelengths contribute to the image.


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Lots of detail.  Are you using the .67x tc?

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My project for the last couple of days with the 10" Mak Astrograph.
Looks like a brain coral that needs a haircut. Processing took almost as long as the acquisition of the data.

Roland Christen

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