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Roland Christen

Also, you seem to have a lot more Ha than OIII
If you mean that I have more Ha exposure, the answer is yes. I have not had enough clear weather to get more OIII yet. Working on it.
I tried some SII, but there is virtually none in the image, so the image consists of just HOO at this point. To get any amount of SII will require at least 1 hour sub exposures, and I don't know if that is worth it.


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Hello, Roland,

That is a wonderful image.  Was it straight HOO or some other palette?  Also, you seem to have a lot more Ha than OIII.  I would have thought the opposite.




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My project for the last couple of days with the 10" Mak Astrograph.
Looks like a brain coral that needs a haircut. Processing took almost as long as the acquisition of the data.

Roland Christen

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