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Christopher Erickson

For me, the keto diet means olive oil and vinegar for the salad dressing and bacon bits in the huge salad! Along with boiled egg, black olives, green olives, nuts, seeds, lotsa green leafy stuff, three kinds of cheese and a bunch more.

Metallurgy is an entire science all to itself. Most metal and metalloid formulas oxidize in some way or another. Some combinations create electrolysis. When machined, some tear instead of being smoothly cut. Some chatter very easily when cut. Some require very high speed cutting, lots of pressure and lots of special cutting oil. Some are fine at low speed cutting. Some don't need any cutting oil at all. Some are tempered by heat and cooling processes, others are softened. Some can be pounded into different shapes, some would prefer to shatter. And some of the ones pounded into different shapes will mostly-return to their original shape when cooled. Some will return when heated. And all of them have different coefficients of thermal expansion. And wildly different melting points. There is one, gallium, that has a melting point just below human skin temperature. Put a cube of it in your hand and watch it melt. Some are toxic. Some are not. Some we don't really know for sure.

And titanium is really crazy stuff. And amazingly difficult to manufacture and work with. Processing titanium from raw ore even requires the titanium go through a gaseous state before being re-solidified and processed/refined further.

And all flavors of stainless steel (various formulas, different applications) still rust (oxidize.) It's just that the rust layer is usually only several molecules thick and is generally transparent.

At various times in the past I have tried to talk Roland into making us a super compact, travel "Mach10" out of titanium and other exotic materials. Price being no object. 

Let's just say I now know what Roland's "evil eye" expression looks like.

Metallurgy is crazy cool stuff.

"My advice is always free and worth every penny!"

-Christopher Erickson
Observatory Engineer
Summit Kinetics
Waikoloa, Hawaii

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> I'm more oriented towards Mediterranean so i always use Olive oil (extra Virgin of course!).

Well, for me it's time of day.  Mornings are bacon, evenings are Olive.

And I guess night time for astronomy it is teflon impregnated.  So I better make sure the sautéed spinach is cooked before midnight.

More seriously, based on Christopher, it sounds like it's never harmful to add a bit.  The whole dissimilar metal chemistry thing is a bit of a mystery; I understand why things happen, but not what for which metals. Thanks.    

It's really sad how much cloudy nights gives one time to wonder about things.  I mean now, I am wondering if Olive and Bacon grease would mix well for fried chicken.  :) 

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