Re: PEM Curve vs. Worm Gear Position

W Hilmo

The interface between the worm and the wheel (which is what you are affecting when you balance) has a 24 hour period.? This is not something that you need to worry about with PEM.

The key to knowing whether you need to redo PEM or not is knowing whether the mount can keep track of the worm position.? If you make any adjustments to the spur gears inside the gearbox, the mount will not know about the new position, so you would need to redo PEM after such an adjustment.


On 9/7/21 10:51 AM, Bill Long wrote:

No, disengaging the worm for balance will not cause a problem with your PEM Curve.?

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I just started doing some astrophotography with my new 1100 and I have been reading up on PEM. Since I'm new to PEM and I cannot seem to find an answer to my simple question, I figured I would just ask it here. I'm curious if there is anything about the PEM curve application that is affected when the worm gears are disengaged from the RA/DEC drive gears for checking balance etc.? Does the mount's servo system have sensors to know the exact position of the worm gears such that there are no phasing issues?

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