Re: Multiple instances of Astrophysics V2 driver

Eduardo Oliveira

Thanks a lot everybody! W Wilmo, you cracked the issue...That was
exactly the problem. I was tired of AVAST messages of suspicious
software running and decided to open PhD as administrator, while APT
was not. When I opened both software with my account the problem was

Clear skies

E. Oliveira.

On Mon, Sep 6, 2021 at 8:57 PM W Hilmo <y.groups@...> wrote:

It sounds like at least one of the software packages connecting to the
mount is running as administrator and at least one is not.

That has the effect of connecting as two different users simultaneously
(one of them as your account, and one of them as administrator). Each
user will get a separate instance of the driver.

The solution is to make sure that none of your astronomy software is
running as administrator.

On 9/6/21 4:31 PM, Eduardo Oliveira wrote:
Hello there,

Can someone explain why I am having multiple instances of the
Asto-Physics V2 driver (version v5.30.10) being open when I execute my
acquisition software (Astrophotography Tool) and after that my guiding
software (PhD)? When I connect APT with my mount it opens the first
instance of the ASCOM driver and later when I connect PhD to my mount
it opens a second instance. I recently upgraded to a new computer and
installed Windows10 64 bits. Is there a problem running this two
instances? Can I fix it?

Clear skies,

E. Oliveira.

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