RAPM1 Came Loose for RAPAS on Mach 1

John A. Sillasen

I purchased one of the 1st 5 RAPAS when they became available.  Since that time I have had wonderful time performing polar alignment  - even when forgetting to move the scope out of the way and banging my head on it!

Since the you know thing that had us all cloistered in our own sandbox, I have only used my Mach 1 4 times!  The rest of the time it resides in its ScopeGuard case in my van.

Saturday,  I took it out for one of those rare CT clear sky weekend nights and found that the RAPM1 was just spinning - well loose anyhow. I could thread it on but it was no where's near the up and down to fit the RAPAS where it should be.

I just re-read the RAPAS instruction manual for the first time since I installed it and see now or remembering now that RAPM1 is a two piece part where Part 1 uses the 0.050" Hex key that comes with each mount. 

I don't even remember them being two pieces let alone taking them apart again.

Has anyone else had their RAPM1 loosen up on them?  Was their any damage or do I just need to go tighten up those her bolts and perhaps put a tiny drop of Loctite on them?

Thoughts?  Experiences?

Thank you!

John A. Sillasen

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