Re: APCC move axis question

Ray Gralak

Hi Andy,

I finally found the issue! The MoveAxis was not moving the mount only when Pointing and Tracking Rate Correction are enabled and the mount is pointing within 10 degrees of the celestial pole.

Since your testing was done above 80 degrees declination, APCC purposely turned off pointing and tracking rate correction adjustments so the moves were never issued. That explains why, when I did my testing, the moves worked, as I happened to be testing away from the celestial pole. That also explains why I didn't see any tracking correction log statements in your logs, which made me think you had mistakenly had it turned off.

The new version I just posted (APCC Standard and APCC Pro fixes this issue.


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Here are the zipped files.

I copied all the logs just to be safe but the ones that matter are the one with time stamp around 8:11pm on
I had to use google drive because the APCC file is too large to attach to this message. I have also attached a
screenshot showing the box for "Enable tracking correction" checked. I believe that is where I turn on tracking
correction generated by the pointing model, correct?

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