Re: Rookie Question


I know this is a AP forum, I am using a Celestron CVX mount right now, but I am on the waiting list for a Mach2. 
I also use a Icron Raven 3104. I mounted it to the dove tail plate with a piece of  0.125" aluminum plate just big enough to hold the Raven and a powerpole block
it mounts under the focuser of my stellarvue SVX 70T very nicely. I run one 12v cable to a powerpole connector block to power my Focuser controller, Imaging camera, and Guide Camera.
I have the power for the Raven 3104 running directly from a AC block on the pier. I have one USB running down to the Mount hand controller from the Raven, I also have a 50 foot Ethernet cable to the kitchen table in the house. I run the  USB cables from the Focuser controller, Imaging camera, and Guide camera on top on my aluminum plate to the Raven. so I only have 4 cables swinging around as the mount moves, when I get my Mach2  it will be even less because I wont have the USB from the mount or the 12v to the powerpole block they run internal to the mount.

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