47 Tucanae with 155EDF refractor

Roland Christen


47 Tuc in my opinion is the most incredible globular cluster in the entire sky. Located in the southern hemisphere, it is easily visible to the unaided eye and really pops with almost any optical aid from binoculars to large Dobsonians. The perfection of this glob is in the symmetry and gradual buildup to the bright inner core. In a way it resembles the beauty and perfection of Mt Fuji in Japan.

The image was taken with a 155EDF refractor, one of many scopes that Daniel Verschatse installed at his observatory complex at the Hacienda de Los Andes at the southern edge of the Atacama desert. The location was close to perfection as far as transparency and steadiness of the sky. Marj and I were fortunate to visit Daniel several times while he was still with us on this earth. A more gracious host I have never known.


Roland Christen

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