APCC Standard and APCC Pro are available for download

Ray Gralak

Hello all,

We are pleased to announce the availability of updated versions of APCC Standard and Pro. These builds fix bugs reported by users over the last few weeks.

APCC Standard


List of fixes:

APCC - Fixed - APCC did not send meridian limit value to Sequence Generator Pro.
APCC - Fixed - backup COM port value did not save when set to "None".
APCC - Fixed - trial license did not enable latest subscription features.
APCC Pro - Fixed - MoveAxis commands were disabled when Dec >= 80 or Dec <= -80 degrees.
APCC Pro - Fixed - Dec-Arc check box did not save.
APCC Pro - Fixed - APPM did not allow non-standard spaces in OBJCTRA and OBJCTDEC FITS header keyword values.
APCC Pro - Fixed - ASTAP results in APPM did not work with FITS files with extensions other than ".FIT".

Best regards,


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