Re: Deep Sky Object Database for Non-Keypad Users



I have used Cartes du Ciel (CDC - for several years now and really like it.  It integrates well with ASCOM, including the A-P V2 driver.  There are Windows, LINUX (a couple distros), MacOS, RPI, FreeBSD versions.  All are free.

While I have used UCAC, NOMAD, and GAIA star catalogs at times, the default catalogs cover all the obvious objects.  There are many other catalogs available from the above website.  One thing to watch for is where the catalogs are installed.  If you choose to install catalogs in a different folder than the default, then you have to point CdC at that folder on the SETUP -> Catalog configuration window.

CdC has a forum...

I also use Astrotortilla (a GUI for offline and ASTAP for plate-solving.  Both work well; although I am more familiar with the former.  ASTAP is a bit faster, but not enough (seconds, not minutes) to make me use it exclusively. 

P.S.  1100 GT (non-AE), CP4.  I have never owned a hand controller and do not miss it.


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