Re: Deep Sky Object Database for Non-Keypad Users

M Hambrick wrote:


  • I have another "newbie" question related to APCC: I have been using the GOTO functionality of my keypad to slew to whatever object I want to look at. For those APCC users who do not have or use keypads what are you using ? I assume that you are using some sort of observatory control software (e.g. MaxIm DL or PinPoint) with some sort of object catalog, but there are many options.


  • Since I have the keypad I will continue to use it, but are there any particular advantages to going with observatory control software over the keypad ? If I did so it would most likely be via MaxIm DL since I already use that platform for guiding and imaging.


So I have been wondering the reverse a bit, whether I will eventually miss not having a keypad.  😊


I use Stellarium, which is free and pretty good.  I wanted to try Cartes du Ciel but despite trying twice could not get the additional databases loaded so it lacked a lot of details and images.

Stellarium though is pretty good.  It also will control the mount directly (via a telescope control plugin) or integrated with a session manager like NINA.  I image so my normal approach is to find targets in Stellarium, then pull the coordinates into the framing assistant in NINA, tweak framing and rotation, and then build a sequence to image it.  Stellarium will also show the current telescope location on its display, though I rarely use that aspect (i.e. I rarely actually connect the telescope directly to stellarium).


The biggest lack I would anticipate if I were doing visual observing is a convenient joystick type adjustment.  APCC and NINA both have buttons, but buttons on a windows display are awkward compared to a keypad to fine tune your pointing if visually looking through an eyepiece.  I say that theoretically, as one day I will find my eyepieces and try it.  😊




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