Re: Deep Sky Object Database for Non-Keypad Users

Eduardo Oliveira

Hi there,

With PC software you can use plate solve functionality which for me was a game changer in my Astrophotography workflow. I use Astrophotography Tool which in my opinion is one of the best value for money acquisition softwares available. With APT you have access to Point Craft, a very capable suite of plate solve functions that automates centering of targets, meridian flips and much more. Of course there are many other programs that are even more complete than APT with Observatory control functions and automation. 


Eduardo Oliveira

Em seg., 6 de set. de 2021 às 15:02, M Hambrick <mhambrick563@...> escreveu:

I have another "newbie" question related to APCC: I have been using the GOTO functionality of my keypad to slew to whatever object I want to look at. For those APCC users who do not have or use keypads what are you using ? I assume that you are using some sort of observatory control software (e.g. MaxIm DL or PinPoint) with some sort of object catalog, but there are many options.

Since I have the keypad I will continue to use it, but are there any particular advantages to going with observatory control software over the keypad ? If I did so it would most likely be via MaxIm DL since I already use that platform for guiding and imaging.


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