Re: Rookie Question

Mike Dodd

On 9/6/2021 1:50 PM, M Hambrick wrote:
Thanks for the tips on USB hubs. I assume that the Icron is a good
option. I will have to investigate my options for mounting it on my
dovetail plate since it is common to my three different imaging trains.
The Icron Raven _is_ a good USB 3 option, but the REX remote unit is large (5.4"x9.1"x1.3") and heavy (2.1 lbs). Plus, it has an external power supply with an AC power cord and a 24VDC cable to the REX. I don't think the REX is suitable for mounting on dovetail plate.

I mounted mine on a wood panel on the south side of my pier: <> For scale, the concrete pier is 12" in diameter.

I loop USB cables from the REX to equipment on the mount. <>

--- Mike

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