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The question I have now is this. Am I damaging the 900
mount while
using the 28 inch shaft or should I be using the shorter 18 inch
shaft. ?

However, the
long shaft
can accomodate a hundred lb of counterweights, so, yes, this would
be a problem.
The shaft bearings would have no problem with this, but the clutch
plugs will
probably splay out because you will torque the living crap out of
them to
prevent axis motion with all that weight and potential off-balance
This is where the poor mount will suffer.

Are you sure you gut the 28" shaft and not the intermediate size?

Roland Christen

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No I have the 28 inch Shaft all right. Thought it was kind of
long but when I recieved the new couterweight shaft it seemed to
balance out my 10 inch Mak real great. When I have my Tak FS-78 or my
AP Stowaway mounted on top of the Mak I use two 18 lb counterweights
to balance everything out. When I use my AP 155 F7 I use the standard
shaft that came with the mount. Now more concern has been perked and
I'm wondering if I should have ordered the 18 inch shaft instead. When
I ordered this shaft I told the person on the other end of the line
that I needed a longer shaft for my 900 goto to balance out the extra
load of my 10 inch Mak and guide scope. So I ended up with the 28
inch shaft. Should I go ahead and order the shorter 18 inch version as
a precaution?

Clear Skies
Dwight L Bogan

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