Re: Rookie Question

Jeffc wrote:


> I would consider getting something like a UPBV2 (or other powered USB hub) and put it on the OTA. 


If you swap OTA's frequently, another option is to fasten such a hub to the saddle.  Here is the 16” saddle with a pegasys pocket powerbox advance fastened underneath.  Here only the thru mount cables are attached, and the humidity sensor is taped to the saddle just out of view 9that flat wire).  This stays with the saddle all the time, and then the spiderweb of USB and dew heater and power cables plug in after the OTA is attached.


This also keeps the wires (except the dew heater to the front) really short, and they do not need to twist or flex like thru mounts do during slews.


There’s room for a LOT of wires thru-mount, but reducing it to just these two makes it more convenient if you want to separate the axes.





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