Re: Rookie Question

Mike Dodd

On 9/4/2021 1:33 PM, M Hambrick wrote:
* The ethernet connector is used for an Icron Ranger 2304 to provide
an extra USB port for a Focuser Boss controller.
I don't understand this. I had an Icron Ranger 2304, and the local unit (LEX) plugs into a _USB_ port, not an Ethernet port. Also, the REX remote unit has _four_ ports. Why so you imply just one ("an") extra port? I'm confused.

True, the LEX and the REX connect with a CAT5 cable, but that does not use an Ethernet port on the PC.

I now have an Icron Raven USB 3.0 extender that connects similarly --
USB3 port on the PC, LEX-REX via a CAT6/7 shielded cable.

I suppose that I
could use one of the other USB ports in the Icron to connect to the
mount. Is this recommended ? I ask because SBIG recommends against
plugging their cameras into USB hubs - even powered ones.
The Icron USB extenders are more than powered hubs. They provide full-spec USB2 ports on the REX -- the Ranger can supply up to 600 mA of +5V on each port concurrently.

I connect to my 1200 mount via RS-232 serial, but I have no doubt the Icron Ranger would provide a solid reliable USB2 connection.

--- Mike

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