Re: Building a custom powerwerx extension cable for CP4 power supply. Question?

Christopher Erickson

18GA wire is sufficient for the small current draw of a CP4 and AP motors, up to maybe 2M in length. Maybe 16GA for lengths up to 4M and 14GA for lengths up to maybe 8M. 

Anything larger will work just fine too. But no need for serious copper overkill.

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On Fri, Sep 3, 2021 at 6:33 PM Benton Reed <hbentonreed@...> wrote:
I am building a custom extension for a CP4 controller.  
1. What weight cable is recommended? 8 ga or 10ga?  
2. What Power pole connector would be advisable?  30 amp or 45 amp? 

I know AP has them on the site, but need 24" not 18".  


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