Re: TSX platesolve trouble with APPC/APPM ver 1.9 with TSX camera

Dale Ghent

If the failure is indicated by an error message, it's always critical to include the error message in your description of the problem.

As for TSX, try running it once as Administrator, then try creating the model. TSX needs to be ran as Administrator at least once to allow it to install the ActiveX components that APPM uses to talk to it. After you run it once as Administrator, you need not do that again unless you uninstall TSX and reinstall it.

On Sep 3, 2021, at 10:47, Shailesh Trivedi <> wrote:

Has anyone had any issues when using APPM ver 1.9 to complete plate solves using The SkyX camera? In an earlier revision, I was able to plate solve and create a model on a portable setup, but now that I want to set up on a permanent pier (AP1100 with AE), with APPC Pro ver 1.9, a TSX camera is able to take pictures but the plate solve fails (the image scale is correct). When doing the same standalone with TSX outside of APPC, the plate solve inside TSX succeeds all the time, but fails with APPM all the time even though a picture is taken via APPM.

Perhaps something on the version 1.9 TSX API changed? Has anyone had similar issues?


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