Strange numbers in APPM model #APCC #Mach2GTO

David Johnson

I've been using the Dec Arc feature, and it seems to work well.  Thank you for implementing it.  However, some of the numbers I'm getting for the model parameters are many orders of magnitude different than the usual values.  For example, I'm doing a model with two arcs, one at 61 degrees N declination and one at 63 degrees.  Below you can see what it looks like.  The resulting model numbers are also shown below.  Notice some of the "west" parameters.

The mount tracks well, so it's not a functional issue, but it puzzles me that the numbers are so different.  Is this caused by doing the two arcs close together and no points elsewehere?  If so, would I have major issues if I tried to do regular tracking correction away from the two arcs?  I doubt I would do that, because I'm obviously concentrating on a target between the two arc declinations, but I do sometimes change targets for unforeseen reasons, and maybe if I do I should just turn tracking off if I don't want to do another model?

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