Re: How to prevent pier crash: Ap1100 with AE #APCC #Absolute_Encoders

Worsel wrote:

  • A good explanation from the Troubleshooting section, but perhaps not answering your question is…


I had read that which is why I mentioned tracking vs slewing, as well as the safe slew.


I am still working on refining my imaging train, and I have hopes that as long as I do not go counterweight up I cannot crash, but I am not yet sure.  I know on prior mounts I had to stop about 30 minutes early and wait about 30 minutes past meridian for some DEC angles.


So it may be moot once I get everything set up.

But my reading so far has led me to believe the limits apply only to tracking, and while it tries to prevent … let’s call it incidental crashes with the safe slewing (which is great), I think it means a human can still slew into coordinates that collide even if you have meridian limits set.


So I mostly want to confirm if I have that right, or if there is a way to carve out a “do not go there ever” space, how you do it?




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