Re: APPM and The SkyX

Dale Ghent

APCC pointing models (created via APPM) and T-Point are mutually exclusive. One or the other, not both. The two modeling systems would likely fight each other even it it were technically possible as it would no longe be a closed-loop control system.

Feature-wise, you will always want to prefer APCC over T-Point. One major reason is that T-Point does not apply its pointing model to the mount's tracking when it is dealing with non-Bisque mounts. Therefore you're left only with pointing accuracy. As an imager, pointing accuracy takes a back seat to tracking accuracy in terms of performance, so T-Point is pretty much pointless (pardon the pun) for the A-P mount user who images.

On Sep 1, 2021, at 17:51, Shailesh Trivedi <strivedi@...> wrote:

I am new to APPM model building for my AP1100AE and have used Tpoint on TSX for a Bisque mount which I have since sold in lieu of an AP1100AE. Can an APPM model coexist with Tpoint? Or should I not run Tpoint at all? Does it help or hinder? I know that I cannot use Direct Guide on an AP mount nor can I use Tpoint corrections, but I am hoping to use APPM corrections and the AE should help with other variables (wind, dangling wires - though I have none - etc.).

Any pointers or recommendations will help.


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