Re: GTO vs AE/AEL data #Absolute_Encoders

Cheng-Yang Tan

Hi Christopher,
    I have a very similar setup as yours after you get the AP1100AE:

Inline image

I have the AP1100AE. I was imaging on Friday night which started out pretty calm but near midnight the winds picked up and it had wind gusts around 8 mph.

Here's my guide graphs before the winds picked up with guide error of 0.22 arcsec.

Inline image

Here's the guide graphs after the winds picked up. Guide error is now 0.45 arcs.

Inline image

The guiding definitely does get worse with wind as expected but it's still below 0.5 arcsec. And for the pixel scale that I am using, it's not a problem.

Perhaps there are better settings in PHD2 to be more aggressive in the corrections:

X guide algorithm = Hysteresis, Hysteresis = 0.100, Aggression = 0.700, Minimum move = 0.210
Y guide algorithm = Lowpass2, Aggressiveness = 80.000, Minimum move = 0.210

and the exposure time is 3s. (For whatever reasonm PHDLOG2 thinks that it is 1s, I actually have a screen capture to prove that it is 3 s).


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