< S > keypad buttons not responding

Glenn Graham

I’ve been using the keypad with my Mach1 mount for a few years with no issues until last night when the third row of buttons < S > stopped responding. It was independent of the current menu mode (slew choice, object choice, etc.) and the other functions associated with the other buttons operated just fine. It was working the day before and there was nothing traumatic (bump,drop, etc.). It was out in the sunshine during solar Ha observing.

I’ve got an EE background and tinkered with enough calculator and remote control keypads that my first instinct was to open it up and have a look but I resisted the urge and decided to post for advice here instead. I did a search of previous posts but didn't find anything relevant. With the entire line out, I’m hoping it is something loose/not making contact that can be remedied from home.


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