Re: GTO vs AE/AEL data #Absolute_Encoders

Chris White

On Tue, Aug 31, 2021 at 08:24 PM, ap@... wrote:
So if I understand (and I maybe do not) the AP1100 production is done, you missed that. I think 1600’s are next, maybe then Mach 2 again, and that list is usually long.   So my GUESS is you will get a Mach 2 call before the AP1100 call, by months at least, and neither until next year.
I was actually on the list for the 1100 from last year but declined purchase in January when my name came up. I had just purchased a 900GTO and to be honest it is an exceptional mount and does everything I need it to.  I'm actually hoping that my name doesnt come up again for another year or more as I will be moving to darker skies and building a house where I can build a bigger observatory and have a second pier... so thankfully no rush on my end!

Going to the doctor is like the dentist.  My teeth are always fine until I go to the dentist... then I end up with a cavity.  Causation or correlation?

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