Re: APPM Run vs Plate Solve and Recal

Geoffrey Collins

Ray, I did review the images from the failed solves.  The images from the failed solves will solve if I use ASTAP directly. 

The 30+ model run finished fine with only a failed couple of solves due to a tree obstruction.  I need to adjust the horizon limit a little more.  Right after I finished the 30+ point run I started a 178 point run.  The plate solves failed other than maybe the first. 

The next few nights I did not try another model run. I just imaged.  

Tonight I tried a 178 point run and it is working perfectly.  I have the settle time set to 10 seconds.  I assume this is terribly excessive, but I am just going to let it run and finish.

On the night of the 26th, the near full moon had risen by the time I started the second run.  Do you think that was the problem with that attempt and the previous attempts that week?  I assume ASTAP would solve the same way APPM would solve.  I certainly am using ASTAP in APPM on most attempts and on my 2 current successful runs.  Anyway, I am glad to be able to use full frame and 1x1 through NINA.

Can I send you the results of the run so you can tell me how much flexible etc I have?

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