Re: GTO vs AE/AEL data #Absolute_Encoders

Chris wrote:


  • > Once you go ahead and get on both lists, you can celebrate with a nice dinner where someone will offer desert of Apple Pie or Ice Cream.  You will be prepared for this choice, and quickly say: Both.
  • The good news is, I put my name on both lists earlier this summer!  So... now onto more important discussion:  Pie or cake? 


So if I understand (and I maybe do not) the AP1100 production is done, you missed that. I think 1600’s are next, maybe then Mach 2 again, and that list is usually long.   So my GUESS is you will get a Mach 2 call before the AP1100 call, by months at least, and neither until next year.


You might want to call and check, they may not tell you precisely when, but they will probably give you a rough idea. I’m guessing you have a little more time to do the analytical modeling based on desert choices before you have to actually say “yes” to either mount.


With the exception of Apple pie, which I usually take over most anything, I would say “Cake”.  Well, if “both” is not an option.


The good news is that even despite Covid, we generally do not need to be on a waiting list months long to get desert.  😊


The bad news is that I have a physical coming up, and I have not been on a waiting list for desert.  



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