Re: APCC move axis question

Dale Ghent

Certainly a good data point. Thanks Brent.

NINA's polar alignment plugin uses MoveAxis() because it's the only way to move a specific axis of the mount without another axis also moving by some mysterious (to the app) amount. Such things might happen with SlewToCoordinates() and pointing models or other such stuff in the mix.

On Aug 31, 2021, at 15:57, Brent Boshart <bboshart@...> wrote:

If this is helpful to the conversation, I have done extensive testing with APCC 1.9 with my Mach2 using the Moveaxis command with software I am working on. My software is satellite tracking at significant magnification so I am expecting precise responses from Moveaxis commands. Programming through the RS232 to the mount firmware (no APCC, no ASCOM), I get excellent responses with the :RR and :RD commands (moveaxis). Using APCC 1.9 and ASCOM, I get the same excellent responses using the ASCOM moveaxis command with "Enable Pointing Correction" checked only. If I check "Enable Tracking Correction" I get unexpected responses from the moveaxis command. For my application only pointing correction is important to me so I can tracking correction off. Another observation, if I turn sidereal tracking off (in the case of a geostationary satellite) then the position coordinates displayed no longer have pointing correction applied - this appears to be by design though.

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